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May 15

Catch Basins & Installation

catch basins installation

Catch Basin Installation

There are many reasons to consider adding a catch basin or storm drain to your property. A catch basin or storm drain helps to collect runoff from rain water, melting snow, overflowing riverbanks or any other source of moving water that could potentially cause damage to your home. When placed in the right location and with the right grading you can catch and prevent the majority of the water from reaching your home, reducing the chance of flooding or water damage in your home or foundation.

How to Install a Catch Basin

Catch basins should only be installed by someone with construction experience as the process requires the use of specialized equipment for lifting and placing the basin. It is important to read and follow any direction specific to your catch basin.

  • Mark the area where the catch basin is to be installed, as well as where pipes are to be placed.
  • Dig to the proper depth for the basin, allowing for a 1 inch fall every 8 feet. Important: Locate all buried utilities before digging.
  • Use gravel or sand as bedding for the trench.
  • Remove any large rocks or other materials around the top of the basin, leaving a clearance of 3 inches around the basin.
  • Install each piece of pipe, checking alignment before placing the next piece. Grout or mastic strips may be required.
  • After the basin is installed place the lid & inlet grate on the catch basin.
  • Backfill the pipe & basin making sure to compact the ground after completion.

Need Help?

Gravel Driveway Services has a wide range of experience working with catch basins, culvert installation, driveway restoration, repair and installation.