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Jan 24

Determining the Correct Size of Your Culvert

There are many aspects to culvert installation that could be difficult to grasp. When it comes to installing a culvert in a stream, figuring out the size is definitely one of them. Culverts are typically made from sturdy plastic tubes or corrugated metal, so they’re typically resilient. However, improper size can make crossing them difficult, and heavy vehicles could also damage them.

To determine the right size for your new culvert, you don’t necessarily have to call in the pros, although reliable culvert installation contractors can probably help you sort it out faster. Instead, you have to first determine how the stream changes with the seasons, as well as how deep and wide it is and how sturdy the ground around it might be. Increased precipitation and constant weather fluctuations can cause the soil to crumble underneath a culvert structure that was inadequately built.

The best approach for establishing the size of your culvert is to look for the place where the vegetation meets the stream bank with the highest water mark. This should be your main boundary. Next, find the lowest water mark, and find out exactly how deep the stream is and how great the rise and fall of the water is depending on the season.

These details will help you determine your culvert’s length and plan a structurally sound installation. If you feel that culvert installation might be too difficult a task, call Gravel Driveway Services, and we can help you with your DIY work or even complete the entire installation in record time, without you having to move a finger.