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Gravel Driveway Services is the expert in recycled asphalt driveway construction providing our customers with an extensive list of services available for your needs.



Emulsion 1
Emulsion 2
Emulsion 3
Emulsion 4

Catch Basin Project

Catch Basin 1
Catch Basin 2
Catch Basin 3
Catch Basin 4

Ditching & Draining Projects

Ditching & Draining 1
Ditching & Draining 2
Ditching & Draining 3
Ditching & Draining 4

Driveway Construction

Driveway Construction 1
Driveway Construction 2
Driveway Construction 3
Driveway Construction 4

Gabion Stone & Culvert Project

Gabion Stone & Culvery 1
Gabion Stone & Culvery 2

Gravel Driveway Services Parking Lots

Gravel Driveway Services is the best at restoring the roughest asphalt and repairing it with the finest recycled asphalt available. Gravel Driveway Services also offers commercial and industrial parking lot paving and repair. Each project and parking lot is completed by our experienced and professional staff. We offer a custom solution for the parking lot you are your customers need.

Gravel Driveway Services is the trusted parking lot removal and construction experts who offer the best options for your desired needs.

3/4 Crushed Limestone

Gravel Driveway Services also does fine 3/4 crushed limestone driveways for a more natural look. This size of limestone packs hard similar to 1/4″ Down, but is more all-purpose. It is used on driveways, walkways or parking pads.

Crushed Granite

Perfect for cottages and recreation properties as this aggregate is readily available further north. We can install and repair your crushed granite driveway through the Muskoka’s, Kawarthas and Parry Sound area.

granite driveway

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If you want impeccable recycled asphalt driveways or you need repairs or replacements for your old driveways.
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