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5 Step Process

Gravel Driveway Services and Repairs

Gravel Driveway Services has designed and proven a unique 5 step process to ensure that a consistent surface, drainage and results are guaranteed each and every time. Although the process can vary slightly based on terrain and grading requirements – as well as a variety of aggregates – our process will get your driveway job done right and on time.


Quality Recycled Asphalt

Recycled asphalt is more accessible and will last up to 10 years or more after we’ve compacted it.

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Longer Lasting Driveways

A long lasting driveway is just around the corner, we remove all potholes and grade roadways.

Why Do-It-Yourself? It’s what we do.


Residential & Rural Services

We have the equipment to do’em all, no driveway is too big or small.

Is your driveway in rough shape?

5 Step Process

In these 5 video’s Gravel Driveway Services shares their 5 step process for repairing and restoring a gravel driveway using recycled asphalt.

Step 1: Layout

  • Clear all debris from roadways
  • Cut & Define driveway and parking edges
  • Remove all vegetation

Step 2: Basework

  • Cut and remove all potholes (Fix not filled).
  • Re-grade driveway base eliminating all high/low and soft/hard areas (All rolls eliminated).
  • Compact driveway base with vibratory roller/vibratory plate compactor.

Step 3: New Product

  • Supply and install all aggregates to desired thickness in preparation for final grading.

Step 4: Final Grading

  • Slope and crown driveway according to surrounding grades.
  • Finish rake complete surface.

Step 5: Compact Driveway

  • Water added to surface if needed for moisture content to compact.
  • Compact driveway with vibratory roller/vibratory plate compactor.

Additional Excavation and Repair Services Offered:

  • Culvert installation and repair
  • Ditch digging, grading and repairs
  • Steep pitch driveways and grading
  • Catch basin installations and repairs
  • Trenching
  • Paddock and farm work
  • Commercial properties, laneways and parking lots

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you want impeccable recycled asphalt driveways or you need repairs or replacements for your old driveways.
Contact us below, or for more information and assistance or call 1(855) 853-4611.