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Apr 18

The Effect of Winter on Your Asphalt

the effect of winter on your asphalt

Cold weather can take its toll, and if you own an asphalt driveway, you’re eventually going to need repairs. Fortunately, with the help of a professional and reliable driveway and asphalt repair company like Gravel Driveway Services, you’ll get a lot more than the services you might expect.

Driveway repair is usually needed when asphalt driveways are cracked, but that’s not the only possible consequence of an asphalt driveway’s exposure to the cold and snow.

Cold temperature cause asphalt cracks because the asphalt contracts as a result of the temperature change. But did you know that precipitation, wet weather, snow and ice also have a profound impact on older types of asphalt? They can cause a lot of damage, especially if you don’t have a recycled or porous asphalt driveway that can withstand water damage more easily.

Finally, snow plows and chemicals designed to melt ice can also have a negative effect on asphalt. As a result, no matter what you do, the presence of low quality asphalt will attract the need for a professional and dependable repair service such as Gravel Driveway Services.

Asphalt and gravel driveways are the specialty of Gravel Driveway Services. Regardless of the types of support and services you need from us, we will deliver, and even exceed your expectations.

Call on Gravel Driveway Services to get the best repairs for your recycled asphalt driveways and walkways.